Dolores Cannon How I see Dolores Cannon and her Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique   Dolores Cannon was this magnificent matriarch, rich with Life’s experiences, humility and a tremendous abundance of curiosity! Despite certain challenges and struggles, she remained full of Love, power, motherly wisdom and always curious. I also adore her honesty and humour! She was an incredible and unconventional scientist who worked with thousands of people all over the world and got the same results – through a hypnosis method she developed herself. Over decades, she was able to get incredible information on the universe, history, health and physics. Many scientists are now only confirming her „acquired knowledge…“ Apart from having an amazing Mind, she was a wonderful Human Being. Her work and QHHT method inspires my curiosity, compassion, teaches my Mind new limits, and teaches me humility and respect for the universe, the Human Soul, Life and the SC. And despite all of the above, Dolores remained humble and curious. She inspires. Her discoveries and teachings are linked to an unbelievably beautiful source and energy one cannot deny or manipulate or denounce! She called this amazing source of Energy and Love, the SC. The SC works with all of us and intertwines our lives collectively, like an exquisite tapestry! I am in awe of the SC's love and wisdom – an ancient force of Love, Light and Truth -  I am humbled, enlightened and respectful, and above all, deeply moved by it. The SC redefines my capacity for faith and understanding. So grateful and at peace when I think of the guidance it has given me my whole life, despite discomforts and wounds! The SC has helped me understand so much.. Forgiving is freeing one’s self – The SC teaches peace, forgiveness, acceptance, perspective and insight. If you would like to find out more on Dolores, you might like the following links: