Eureka S. Beutler Level 2 QHHT Practitioner Eureka‘s HUman Experiences Biography The Art of or to Life, living, is to realize that it is all about learning... Earth is a School. This is meant to be a sacred journey on Mother Earth, where we learn to become HUman Beings... What is a HUman Being? What makes you a human being? Why would you want a QHHT session with Eureka? To resonate with someone, to me, means to feel a connection. This connection might be due to that person sharing similar experiences, or seeing that someone has had enough humbling experiences, so that you feel you feel comfortable with them. See if this resonates with you… Up to this point in my life, these experiences have made the strongest impression on my development and consciousness. Before you have your QHHT session, I recommend you do a Life Reflection Biography like this. This way, you are already preparing your incredible Mind for a deep and successful QHHT session! I am not here to judge you. I am here to help you feel understood and supported. As Experience is passed on through genes, which shape, form and mould us, I have to acknowledge and begin with the memories that my ancestors experienced... It is important to know who you are, but not to let it dominate your development or chain down your karma. Take the best and leave the rest. My maternal ancestors were refugees and adventurers from Europe who ventured to Afrika. French, Dutch, Portuguese who fled the political and religious philosophies. During the Anglo Boer War which was actually called the Freedom War by my ancestors, my great-great-Grandmother occupied herself in helping her fellow prisoners, as a midwife in the British Concentration camps which killed thousands of innocent women and children... My maternal grandfather was German with possible Dutch and Jewish ancestry. His father was a cinema artist from Düsseldorf who worked in Berlin, and was one of the first movie makers to travel around Europe making his movies. Being uncomfortable in political circles, he knew to get his son out, before he could become one of many frontline targets. So my grandfather left Germany in 1933, before the start of another horrific war. My father's family-line were not only explorers, but were also creative. With Celtic roots from Switzerland and Germany... He immigrated to South Africa in the early 1950s, working for Wella... As we say, everything is a play, and so the scene was set... Experience 1971: My Mother was in a challenging marriage, which was saturated with abuse and trauma... Lesson & evolvement: It would teach her how to stay calm in terrifying moments of her life... which would later save her in 2012. It taught me about trauma experience for my understanding and my future as a QHHT Pratitioner. It taught me to seek understanding and dig for the roots of reasons. It taught me to understand the Principle of Cause and Effect…. and to continue my search for the roots of pain and forgiveness. It taught us about the Sacred Free Will and its right to choose the Love we want. Experience 1972: My Brother was born. The birth was extremely difficult and they experimented on my Mother without telling her or even asking her...!!! She never wanted to go through that experience again. One child was definitely enough!               Lesson & evolvement: This would influence my path to empowerment in my own pregnancy and Consciousness on pregnancy and birth, which I try to share in my art... Experience 1973: My Brother was abducted by his father as a toddler and our Mother never knew where he was or if he was even alive. For entire year, she went through an emotional hell experience  All these fears conditioned the water in her body and influenced me growing within her.          Lesson & evolvement: Had he not been stolen, she would not have had the courage to have me...Her experience became my education for Consciousness and the Sacred Experience of Motherhood. Experience 1974: I made my en-trance into the Earth Field of Gaia, choosing my Family and Afrika as my roots and beginnings... I took it easy on Mama - the birth was so quick, it took place in the passage as Mama was pacing after they gave her another experimental procedure. She was laughing and the nurse was not taking her seriously, when I made my appearance. The doctor was late...(we met again, years later, under sad circumstances…) Experience 1975: My life was influenced by many loving Souls from various backgrounds. Many had experienced WW II with deep wounds, yet none saw themselves as victims.... I am deeply grateful to have had them. Lesson & evolvement: metamorphic field of love, strength and inspiration. Every HUman Being has a gift to share…. Experience 1976: Exploring an Afrikan farm and connecting to Mother Nature... early memories - being caught by my adoptive Malawian GrandFather, because I had bolted out the backdoor to go exploring on my own... Mathee finally found me a while later and lifted me onto his wonderful, strong shoulders and gave me a thick slice of white bread to eat... my hands holding it, and chewing the soft bread... afterwards picking out the crumbs from his hair. Feeling his body walking below me, remembering dry, gold fields around us. Feeling safe, curious.           Lesson & evolvement: Safety, respect, comradery and friendship, love. Pigment is a figment of seperation illusion (/imagination)… Every HUman Being has a gift to share…. Experience 1978: I overheard a conversation not meant for Children's ears ... a little, black girl my age was so badly gang raped, that her pelvic floor had been broken. I understood too much immediatly. Lesson & evolvement: The world of innocence was invaded by cruelty and I realized that not all Children are protected by loving, protective elders. My GrandParents rented a room to a herpetologist. Although my GrandFather forbade him to keep any poisonous snakes in his room, he did anyway… One of the most deadly snakes in the world escaped his collection and settled down in my GrandParents' bedroom, until Ouma (GrandMother) pointed it out to me - and I identified it as a Black Mamba... (Austin had taught us how to identify species and was a passionate and an amazing teacher!)   Lesson & evolvement: My Grandfather, allthough knowledgeable of the severe danger such a snake could be, was still respectful of its Spark of Life! He knew that a strike would be lethal to anyone of us, and yet he refused to kill it! He struggled for hours to try and catch it, but couldn't and in his dispair, and worrying for the safety of his Family, then killed the black mamba. Opa‘s deep respect and love of Nature was a great influence on all our lives. Austin was a wonderful teacher, and ignited curiousity for creatures other people usually run from.. Both men taught me that All Life is Sacred. Experience 1978: My beloved Opa (Mother's Father) getting really ill and being in hospital... Mother started a prayer and intention group to surround his bed and support his healing... He had had a near death experience and became even more of an amazing Being, inspiration and teacher to many Souls in our community. Lesson & evolvement: Mama planting a Soul-Seed: teaching us that our Mind is powerful! Prayer and Hope is powerful! The Mind can be compared to a sacred, silky white carpet! Do not allow anyone to come and dump their garbage on it! Use it wisely. I remember my Ouma telling my adoptive Sister about Ouma‘s Father's passing. She said that her father had told her to go home. There were others waiting beyond the veil to fetch him and take him home. He would be okay. Dolores' work has often revealed these wonderful similarities. (Her book Between Death and Life, describes similar reflections.) Experience 1979: My first best (girl)friend my around age - Shanny... British citizens and refugees from Rhodesia. I thought Shanny the most beautiful creature I had ever seen... both of us had difficult Daddies  (both experienced war trauma), but strong sassy Mommies who were great friends...  I thought Shanny a bit strange, because she said she saw faeries. I didn't see them - I thought her to be a bit odd, but I loved her anyway ... Lesson & evolvement: childhood friendship is sacred. Some see things others cannot, and it is important to value those gifts, and respect them when you do not have them. Every HUman Being has a gift to share…. Experience 1980: My Mother began her challenging (also, for me to understand) journey on learning to give herself the respect and love she needed... it started with seperating from my Father. Both were trauma victims. Her from her first marriage and him from his childhood in Germany, during the war... There was no therapy back then to confront and transform trauma, let alone marriage counselling. Lesson & evolvement: This would be painful lessons for all of us. Deep wounds of regret, but we all grew from it. Children suffer the most when adult egos are unwilling to bow down - their experiences, as well as my own experiences... After the seperation, we lived with our Grandparents, two houses down the road. Our Opa would walk us up the driveway in the mornings, to enjoy the precious time he had with us. He always treated us with respect and motivated us and inspired us. He would tell us about Berlin before WW II and the exciting stories and adventures he experienced meeting all the stuntmen, pilots, acrobats and artists his father worked with... He taught us about Nikola Tesla and free energy. My brother was 8 and I was 6. Lesson & evolvement: Never underestimate the mind of a child! Always inspire and speak with respect, love and compassion. Children are the future. It was many years after his passing, that I heard that it was not the kind of childhood treatment which he had experienced... He decided on his own behaviour and became a beacon of inspiration to me and how I wanted to treat our children. We can decide our own behavioural patterns. We choose the Victim or Victor role. Self- Empowerment. 30 years after his passing, people who had worked with him in their youth, found his father‘s website, and wrote e-mails to us about how much Opa had inspired them. Shanny's Mom was so wonderful! She would fetch us from the point where Opa waited with us, to drive us on to kindergarten and school. Shanny and I would struggle for the door spot on the front passenger seat. Control over the door was important to both of us for some or other reason. The backseat was filled with the brothers... we did not want to share space with them! All women in the front row!  Lesson & evolvement: Kindness, rivalry and sharing and siblinghood... warm, sacred moments. The best friend of my GrandParents and an adoptive GrandMother to us children was a woman who had experienced severe trauma during WW II. She was gang raped and imprisoned whilst looking for her sick baby in Hamburg. You never would have guessed she had been a victim, because she lived her Life to her own Will! She was victorious and independent and fiesty! Always busy creating and crafting! An Inspiration! Watching her paint one day, I fell in love with art.           Lesson & evolvement: Source-God sends you what you need to inspire your Soul. Keep your eyes and Heart wide open. Every HUman Being has a gift to share…. Experiences 1981: First day of school, I stood out like a sore thumb! Mom was late in organizing a school uniform for me! I had to wear a spring-green coloured dress I got for my birthday the year before. All other girls wore a dull silver-grey school dress. The primary school was bilingual. Although my family was more Afrikaans, (what the Brits labeled Kitchen-Dutch, because it was the rebel language against British Crown domination in South Africa), I learned English first, because my German immigrant Father couln't speak Afrikaans and Ouma thought it easier for me to start with 2 languages first... On the farm I learned English and some Zulu, which I sadly later lost. Halfway House, our little town, was still deeply affected by the War 70 years before I was born... Many suffered deep trauma and I did not fit in easily! I was rejected from both sides - the English and the Afrikaners. Eventually, the children I did fit in with, had other deeper traumas I would understand much later. So began experience-education with sexual abuse victims... I became their guardian against bullies.               Lesson & evolvement: The Outsider experience does not have to leave you a victim, if you have a role to choose... There is always someone with bigger problems than you... Experience 1982: Mom met a Soul who could really admire and adore her. He was gentle and kind and taught us children so much, whilst she was away working and building up a successful business with her Brother. He inspired me to draw and dance and bought me my first camera! Our time together was short, but rich and respectful. Lesson & evolvement: Every HUman Being has a gift to share…. People can be gifts to one another. Treat children with the same respect you expect from them. Experience 1985: Moved away from our home town to the city due to school and work purposes. Away from all I knew and people I loved. Another stepdad who didn't inspire or love me as much as the previous one had. Lesson & evolvement: New beginnings and adaptation... It was only in 2020 in deep reflection, that I encountered the thought, that this Soul taught me how to think in times of panic and hold onto what was important to my Soul! And by making me live through certain experiences, he took the fear of dying from me... Because I didn't enjoy his company, I would pull back into my bedroom and devoted myself to developing my art. This was an important development for me, which later also led me to asking questions about the alpha level and trancing my brain went into, when doing art and why/how it remembered past lives and other dimensions... Children in seperated relationships do not have it easy. You have to learn how to adapt to each parents' frequency. They can be world's apart from each other, depending what the new partners bring out in each parent. Children have to adapt, or learn to adapt! Nowadys, kids then have A.I. to pull them into different worlds, and seperate families even further...              Lesson & evolvement: My Father still loved my Mother very deeply, but they couldn't connect on the same frequency. I had to learn about frequencies very soon! I learned that their languages, even though both spoke English, were filled with unresolved emotions and lacked in honest communication of what their hearts really felt. Instead of being able to express it to her, he would fight with me and he trained me to fight on those occasions... This taught me strength, but burdened my health. It gave me experience in understanding children's perspectives within the marriage. Experience 1987: Father worked managing a panel beating company in Johannesburg... He met many interesting Souls who I would sometimes have the experience of getting to know... Amongst them all was Mr Maizelman - an Israeli-Russian, with a passion for movies. Somehow, Mr Maizelman took a shining to me, and would bring me movies every time I was visiting my Father for the weekend.  Mr Maizelman introduced me to the work of Erich von Däniken...                 Lesson & evolvement: Every HUman Being has a gift to share…. Mr Maizelman opened my Mind to history and to the fact that we cannot be alone in this vast universe and that there must be other intelligence forces... Experience 1987: AIDS had hit world headlines and was beginning to enter South Africa... The terrible stories of abusing children to heal was coming from Zimbabwe... I had a strong curiousity about it... Lesson & evolvement: Compassion for children's rights…This world can only change once we start respecting Children - they are our future. Experience 1988: Our world fell apart when our beloved Opa passed away. This was an amazing Soul who gave us many rich perspectives on Life. He was always thankful for the small things Life gave him... always excited like a happy kid and never gluttonous or excessive in any experiences - he appreciated any small gift you gave him... always remembering that God was merciful and graceful and had blessed him with another 10 years of Life, so that he could watch his GrandChildren grow... and be there for them. His dying words to Mama was - never hate anyone... Mom started researching her loss with the books of Dr Raymond Moody...                          Lesson & evolvement: Gratitude for having had this amazingly beautiful Soul guide me. Dr Raymond Moody affected my curiosity on Death and Life, which would later lead me to the QHHT path...      Opa‘s dying words and the dis-ease with which he died, I have come to understand deeper through Dolores' teachings. Experience 1989: Life went on...                  Lesson & evolvement:  Life goes learn to live with the pain, by realizing how amazing that Soul was, else you wouldn‘t have that pain. With gratitude, you can cope. Experience 1990: Mama's GrandMother moved in with us. She had Alzheimers and Mama wanted to take special care of her! She had always taken care of Mama when she was young and Mama wanted to repay the honour. Her last husband had placed her in an impersonal old age home, where she had been neglected. She was wonderful to be around and taught us so much. At night I would lie next to her in bed and try and give her some juice before she fell asleep. It fascinated me how you could watch her eyes and see the clouds of confusion pass, and the Soul come back to connect with you... It was a deep learning experience.           Lesson & evolvement: The Circle of Life is Sacred. Questioning how the MIND works and WHY certain conditions set in... Experience 1990: I began attending an art school in Johannesburg... My  alpha-art trancing had already begun... Being able to switch off my conscious Mind and dive deeply into a kind of cosmic wavelength was an amazing experience and made my work unique. Lesson & evolvement: I began questioning my Mind's abilities. Experience 1991: Mom's best friend was an Irish nurse. In her spare time, she volunteered at the first home for dying AIDS patients in Johannesburg. I was curious to meet the Souls under her care and on Old Year's Eve of my 17th year of life, I went with her to the party they were having in the home. My life changed after meeting Charles, a beautiful Soul trapped in a paralysed body.. Charles was 14 when he was orphaned after both parents died simultaneously in a car crash. Later in Life, he became a traveling salesman. Charles was also a homosexual. Somewhere along the was, he contracted AIDS and then tuberculosis in his spine which caused his paralysis. The nurses in Johannesburg hospital were negligent in their understanding and care of his condition, and that is why he was transferred to the Sacred Heart House, waiting for death. When we met, he was yearning for a conversation. I ended up sitting beside his bed and chatting and bonding... It had a deep impact on my Life, especially hearing later that his last days were so despondent. Nobody knew exactly when he was going to leave and the suffering was long. I heard that he believe Jesus was rejecting him and his suffering was his punishment.            Lesson & evolvement: I could not blame Jesus or God at that point - I blamed the religion for making a Soul suffer because of a belief system! God is Love. Human perception blurred by politics and religion cause suffering . That was my perception at that point and remains my perception.   Experience 1991: Inspiration to my survival and (trans)formation into becoming a healer, was an uncomplicated uBuntu Mama from the South African Sotho tribe who taught me so much. Fortunately she had not been moulded through the western school system. She did not know how to read or write after only having been in the system for 3 months as a child and yet her insight and intelligence stood beyond most people and professional therapists I have ever met. Her wisdom, compassion and Heart Culture is inspirational. Most of all, she had kept the uBuntu wisdom of her tribal Culture which had not been spoiled by western philosophy. This uBuntu-Seed was my Heart's treasure and became my sacred seed, which would only sprout and evolve later in my Life... Her legacy lives on in me.                  Experience 1993: When my Ouma (grandmother) passed away, Mama Willemiena consoled me with the simple words, "Sy mag maar huistoe gaan. Haar werk hier is klaar."  She may go home now. Her work here is completed. Lesson & evolvement: Through all the pain and confusion I had back then as a young person, those words remained engrained in my Soul. Only later reflecting on Dolores' work and her book Between Death and Life, did I realize that ancient Afrikan Tribes, had so much more wisdom and knowledge than what the western world tried to indoctrinate them with. In my work as a QHHT practitioner, I seek a Golden Thread to unite and heal, in honour of my uBuntu Family, because it is only here that I realized that each HUman Being carries within them a piece of the greater puzzle, the Lakota peoples call The Great Mystery. The answer to everything is love. Every HUman Being has a gift to share…. Experience 1993: I began my studies in Graphic Design at WITS  Technikon in Johannesburg. Experience 1994: 19th of March we students witnessed a  demonstration and the terrible shootings of demonstrators. The mainstream news did not report the truth that evening when we watched it.          Lesson & evolvement: Believe what you see yourself. Television should be used to unite people. News is a tool to Confuse-Divide-Control. Dolores also had a lot to say about this. Experience 1997: Journey to the Land of Downunder. I immigrated to Australia and lived there until 1998, learning about detoxing, diet and developing my artistic abilities. Lesson & evolvement: Land of Dreaming is a magical place Books which changed my Life: The Road less Traveled by M.Scott Peck The Natural Way by Mary-Ann Shearer          Experience 1998: I traded a painting for a plane ticket to get to Europe to be with my Soulmate. First stop Amsterdam. Lesson & evolvement: "One must be willing to walk into the night as a matter of faith, and not a question of imagination." Andre P. Brink Experience 1999: Started Atelier Ariel, my artistic photo studio. I loved empowering people! I loved getting them to fall in love with who they were and how they looked. It was the most beautiful feeling working with people who had fallen out of Love with their bodies due to trauma, abuse or medical „catastrophes’’… Lesson & evolvement: I loved making people fall in love with themselves. It was the best high I could get! That magic I now know was the uBuntu Principle of Correspondence – I was picking up their joy and allowing my soul to share it with them. Experience 2001: Homebirth with our first Child         Lesson & evolvement: Life is a miracle ... Source is LOVE... A Soul I remembered and loved dearly came back to be with me again. Experience 2003: Experienced severe noise trauma caused by a big  bank sponsoring city officials... Lesson & evolvement:  if sound or frequency can destroy physical and mental health, why can it not heal both? Experience 2004: April...First miscarriage and emergency hospital  procedures. Isn't life ironic? I ended up being treated by the same doctor who was too late for my very own birth. My roommate was a lovely black South African Mama who had severe bodily burns after a car crash. When she asked me why I was there, I told her about my miscarriage. She wept for us. Children are sacred and precious in the uBuntu Culture. It is a great loss to lose one. Her comapssion still moves me today. We have so much we need to regain... Lesson & evolvement: Compassion is precious. Life is precious. Every HUman Being has a gift to share…. Experience 2006: Near Death Experience. I got very ill after an intense disagreement with someone I loved. The doctor gave me some medication my system did not agree with and my body struggled between life and death for three days. Our beloved kitty lay on my heart and purred her loving, healing frequency, extremely worried I would leave this dimension...          Lesson & evolvement: Cats have phenomenal Souls and they can soothe and heal. In my NDE, I travelled in and out of consciousness for 3 days - I visited higher planes and received information: Everything is made up of a formula.. I should seek the Golden Tread which connects all. Experience 2006: My Father transformed... His last words to me were, „I will always be with you“.          Lesson & evolvement: Another Dolores revelation through deep hypnosis... Life is a miracle ... Source is LOVE... Experiences 2008: April...Our second miscarriage... she was small enough to fit into a chicken eggshell. Lesson & evolvement: Take nothing for granted We then got pregnant unexpectedly and all went well... Experience 2009: April...Our little warrior was born.  Again, someone I loved immensely returned to our Family.       Lesson & evolvement: Grace & Gratitude Experience 2015: April...Discovering the Akashic Chronicles to understand my intuition and my first delve into quantum health … Lesson & evolvement: The discovery of another life in another time/era, where I am connected to Souls I love in conflict needing resolving… 2018: Another book which changed my Life: The Body keeps the Score by Dr Bessel A. van der Kolk M.D. Experience 2020: Double disc cartridge collapse which led to a paralysed right arm. The enormous compassion of a close friend who came to massage me, helped me through the weekend…Osteopathy and physiotherapy as well as wood work, (because all gyms were closed,) got my arm back on track. Lockdown: Decided to do the QHHT Course Lesson & evolvement: reflection on my Life and cosmic perspective. Experience 2022:  May... My husband was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Doctors gave him a choice: What do you choose - Quality or Quantity?“ He chose Life! Together we have done tremendous research into different healing methods and the power of the Mind... You cannot force anyone into QHHT. It must be their Free Will and their deepest Intention as their method of personal healing…. This must always be respected! Their Free Will and their personal decision. Lesson & evolvement: If the fear does not kill you, the cancer might.  Conquer the fear first and ask the Soul what the Body is trying to say... Be open and always, always be curious… Source gave you curiosity for your Mind‘s Sacred Expansion! Remember, this is a school, this sacred Experience we call Life… I am in absolute awe, what my amazing husband has achieved in the year since the surgeon gave him the „death sentence“… Belief systems have become an even greater source of fascination and inspiration to me personally. The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery each day." —"Old Man's Advice to Youth: 'Never Lose a Holy Curiosity.'" LIFE Magazine (2 May 1955) p. 64” That Old Man, was Albert Einstein These are some of my experiences that have moulded me and made me the practitioner that I am. What core beliefs do I stand for? *  uBuntu : all is energy, all is one:                                         *  Only together can we bring the highest level of consciousness     into the world for the greatest good for all Humanity:    Every HUman Being has a gift to share…. *  Within each of us is a spark of God – there is strength in Unity,     and the greatest strength is Love! *  Everything happens for a reason – trust *  Treat others the way you would like to be treated. As a QHHT practitioner I stand for curiosity, open-mindedness, respect, honouring the Human Spirit, Mind & Soul and the sacred Free Will... most of all, the deep intention to translate the meaning of Love.
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