Eureka S. Beutler Level 2 QHHT Practitioner Why would you want a QHHT session with Eureka? You have come to me, to seek guidance in seeing your Life differently. You chose me because you feel a resonation with me. It is not recommendable to choose a practitioner out of convenience…there is a greater power at work here… Choose someone you really feel a connection to! There are so many amazing practitioners out there with stunning frequencies and characteristics! It is such an exciting era! Each practitioner has a story to tell and a unique ability. In QHHT I would have to ask you some deep and intimate questions. Please remember - I am not here to judge you and everything you say in our session remains strictly confidential! Please, consider, that you choose someone you can reflect with and share your life and questions with! (If you cannot open up and talk to your practitioner, your session might not be that which you both intended it to be.) Choosing someone you feel comfortable with, really makes the session easier and far more amazing. This is the day you get to TALK! and open up and TALK MORE! WHY do you want a QHHT session? Who are you? YOU? Are you prepared to question …all…especially the purpose and meaning of your Life? Are you spiritual? How much Faith do you have in YOUrself? Here is a bit of Information about me, in order for you to feel more comfortable: Who Eureka is… What Eureka is… I was born in Afrika, and raised by an uBuntu community. „I am, because you are...’’, is the meaning of uBuntu. A person is a person (only) through other Human Beings… Our community was a loving community who gave me strong foundation stones, which I definitely needed to survive, lovingly, many of the challenges and traumas Life’s curveballs bounced at me - I chose a rich and bountiful contract! So I consider myself as a Child of uBuntu. uBuntu, to me means Compassion, Understanding, identifying with another Human Being through one’s own Journey. My Experiences in Life have made me who I am, so I can understand the wounds in other Human Beings more deeply. The meaning of uBuntu, this amazing Culture Structure, has become more significant to me as I grow older and gain a greater perspective on Life and why our dear Mother Earth is in the state she is. We need to return to the state of Love and Compassion we were born to be, one by one. By the Ways of uBuntu, based on the Ancient Cultures of Ma’at, this should be Heaven for everyone. My Life’s Journey has been inspired with tremendous curiosity. Researching the Ancient Culture of Ma’at’s and her equal Thoth, Ancient Afrikans belief system who gave us knowledge of the sacred Principle of Correspondence. They were Mother Culture and Father Principles. They created a sustainable Culture. uBuntu, has led me to a deeper meaning of Love and Unity. uBuntu is my spiritual and Heart inspiration for QHHT. My Passions My passion is curiosity – how things function and how they could/should function: Getting Human Beings to understand each other more deeply, with open-hearts and open-minds. Finding solutions! I love studying new insights on the Human body and its amazing capacity for Love… Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo were born into times where it was strictly forbidden to explore the anatomy of the Human Body. Being an artist myself, they are my inspiration to the perspective of exploration and development… going beyond known borders. As they were pioneers in understanding how we physically function, I try to combine their philosophy of understanding how we function on a spiritual level. Art has given me deeper perspectives. My perspective and insight is that our entire neural system, which is connected to our Mind, Heart and Soul, is built for gentleness and caring. It is our cultural and religious programming which has confused it. Much of our senses and therefore behaviours, are sadly blunted. The words of religious and political leaders often differ from their actions and deeds. This is heart-breaking to the pure of Soul. My studies of Human behaviour I called The RedScarf. I used to believe that my Art and my Family have led me to where I am at this point in Life. Now I know that the greater Energy we call the SC in QHHT has been guiding me the entire time and it is this perspective with which I continue my Journey with all of it. Trust the Path. What is something special you think you can help anyone achieve? In the early 1990s, I studied graphic design in Johannesburg South Africa. I really rejected the images of so-called perfection of the advertising world, on how women or men should look“. 10 years later, I started a little photo studio where I could empower people to fall in love with who they were and how they looked. It was the most beautiful feeling working with people who had fallen out of Love with their bodies due to trauma, abuse or medical „catastrophes’’… I loved making people fall in love with themselves. It was the best high I could get! That magic I now know was the uBuntu Principle of Correspondence – I was picking up their joy and allowing my soul to share it with them. Having a very active little boy was a blessing, but an end to that era. I now know, The SC was guiding me and another teaching awaited me… An old art professor shared a link with me – my first meeting with the work of Dolores Cannon. A message my conscious Mind was not yet capable of understanding: Dolores Cannon taught us: The Body is but a shadow of the Mind… This was an important point in my path. I like to believe with my Heart, that I am capable of inspiring people to see themselves in a new light, a new way. I genuinely love showing them how beautiful they are… Dolores showed us, that each Human Being carries a spark of God within them. I  like to think that I try to make it sparkle with QHHT. What do you stand for? What do you believe to be true about Life? What do you believe is possible? All Life is sacred It is a great privilege to live & love  on this amazing jewel called Mother Earth!              There is enough abundance for everyone. Energy flows where attention goes. It would be such an amazing world if more of us thought about Compassion and Love. .. This should be Heaven for everyone.                   You are meant to achieve your potential with the gifts Source blessed you with – make the spark shine brighter… Each individual has the right to find their Path. The Path is Sacred. What core beliefs do you stand for? *  uBuntu : all is energy, all is one:                                         *  Only together can we bring the highest level     of consciousness in to the world for the     greatest good for all Humanity *  Each of us is a spark of God – there is strength     in Unity, there is strength in Love *  Everything happens for a reason – trust *  Treat others the way you would like to be     treated.
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